…and so it begins

Ok, its the beginning of the year so a new start to growing ‘things’. Objective this year is to grow as many vegetables as possible and in the process convert more of the garden to vegetable plots. At the moment we have only two areas roughly 6` by 8` although quite a large garden including 6 fruit trees.

As time goes on I’ll include some photographs of the garden through the year.

Since we moved in, I’ve:

  • Created a large compost heap at the end of the garden.
  • Filled 1 and a bit compost bins by the house. 1 of which contains good compost ready to be used.
  • Replaced the wood around one of the small raised beds and dug out a lot of the soil.
  • Dug over both beds before the frosts arrived.
  • Removed a non-productive 2m section of rasperies
  • Cleared up the leaves and bagged them in bin liners. This mulch should be ready in a year.

Ok, so this is what it looks like now….

The Back Garden Jan 2006

Veg Beds 1 and 2


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