So I spent too much on seeds again

I love this time of year. You know you’re past the shortest day and its soon going to start getting lighter in the mornings. Its also the time of year when I make decisions about what i’m going to try and grow. It doesn’t always work out – i’ve ended up with 40 tomato plants when I had the space for about six and i’ve repeatedly failed to propagate clematis from cuttings. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years though and I’m slowly, slowly becoming a little better at deciding what to try and grow. One of my biggest problems is trying to grow on absoutely everything rather than being prepared to only select the best seedlings.

I tend to enjoy trying to raise plants from seeds rather than buying in young plants. They can be be expensive and its difficult to get exactly the type you’re looking for. Its also not much fun!


  • Slightly unusual
  • Expensive to buy in shops
  • Haven’t grown before
  • Good use of garden space and summertime

I spent a little time trying to get a feel for what I can plant where in the garden. As we moved in in june last year I know roughly where the sun falls in the garden, which bits get baked and which bits are in shadow. This makes a big difference. We moved into our last house in october and my first summer was a bit of a disaster!

I’ve added a calendar here which gives a guide as to what I should be planting when.


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