Neat & Tidy Propagator

I always grow from seed. I always have the seeds indoors because its warmer. I’m very careful, but I’m told by my beautiful wife that I always leave soil around. Weird.

I found a cheap coldframe/propagator when I was christmas shopping. Its a clear plastic box. I don’t like buying plastic but I wanted something that I could move easily between the house and garden without loads of mess and would double as an indoors propogator and an outdoors cold frame.

These boxes are fab. They are strong, they are clear, they are big enough to take seed trays (with a little adjustment) and they have a lid. I think they will be just perfect. I used to have a greenhouse. This was fine for bringing plants on early but no good at all for raising seedlings. Instead I filled all the windowsills in the house with seedtrays and even though I put paper underneath, I still managed to stain all of the paintwork…..

I planted some tomatoes, Gazania and some other thing this evening as you can see. I think I may just get away with it this year!


2 responses to “Neat & Tidy Propagator

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  2. You need some grow lights 2 inches above the seedlings. The plants in the picture are leggy because of not enough light. A window sill is nice but you need more light than that. Buy a couple of shop lights.

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