The Mice Ate My Peas – I don’t like mice anymore

We have mice, I’ve known this since we moved in. I’ve seen evidence of them in the garage and I did wonder about the ‘Mouse Genocide’ chemicals that the last owners left behind. They’ve nibbled on candles and a couple of fatballs that I left out on the bench, not too much of a problem. I also think they’ve discovered how to get into the compost bin. I’ve seen them scurry off when I’ve lifted the lid a few times. All in all pretty harmless. I quite like mice, always have done. I’m sure they are not very hygengic and all the other things which people moan about but they live in the garage and frankly I really don’t mind.

That was, however, until I left out my Feltham First peas on the bench in the garage. There was 2/3 of a packet left when I put them there. When I came back the bottom corner of the packet had been neatly chewed and there were only 3 peas left.

I don’t like mice anymore.

I’ve ordered some more early peas to replace the ones that were maliciously eaten and I’ve installed some pea netting over the ones that I planted. Wouldn’t want the stinking pigeons to get these.

I’m off to plant some tomatoes. 🙂


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