My Geraniums Got Toasted (Well frosted….)

We had a really nice day last week so i thought I’d put my geranium cuttings outside to get a bit of air. I’m sure they loved it but in the melee of getting the house ready for a dinner party I forgot to bring them in overnight. It was very frosty and so yet again, I’ve lost more than half of my geraniums to the weather.

Will I ever learn? I think I do this most years. Luckily one or two survive each year so I can butcher them at the end of the season for cuttings.


The curled leaves on this one clearly show the frost damage

Notice how few leaves are left – I removed the frost damaged ones to check rot


I took these cuttings in October and left them in the garage until the first frosts when I brought them inside. As you can see from the cuttings they are not very well advanced and they’ve got quite a bit of frost damage. It will take them quite a few weeks to recover. They’ll be fine as long as I keep them inside until the spring and make sure I don’t over water.


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