Rasperries – In the bleak midwinter…..

I’m new to rasperries. We inherited a few rasperry bushes when we moved into this place and the few bushes that we have produced a huge amount of fruit at the end of last summer. Fab!

I’m completely converted, rasperries seem pretty easy. I thought I’d follow their development this year to get an idea of what they do.

This is the south facing fence which they grow along. There is a gap in the middle because I removed a 1m section of plants as they didn’t produce anything at all. I thought I’d fill this with a cougette and then plant some more rasperries at the end of the season. At the moment there is a plastic sheet over the ground and I’ve dug in quite a large quantity of compost. I’ve also covered the ground around the rasperry stems with leaf mould/compost to keep the weeds at bay.


We have a very clay soil. Rasperries (so I’ve read) will grow in most soil types but they don’t like waterlogged roots during the winter. This may be why the section in the middle were not doing very well.

We also have some Loganberry bushes set against a north facing fence on the other side of the garden. These produced a lot of fat berries last year but it was difficult to catch the berries before they shrivelled and went to seed. I’ll make more of an effort this time.


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