Beer 31 – Full Mash

Beer 31
For 32 pints (3 gallons after boil)

32 pints water of water
2.5Kg pale malt (crushed)

200g dark brown sugar

12g Citra (14.6% AA) (90 mins)
4g seaweed (70 mins)
8g Cascade (4.6% AA) (80 mins)
8g Cascade (4.6% AA) (0 mins @ 80C)

Did a ‘boil in the bag mash’. As I’m a tramp I used argricultural fleece for the bag. Fine as long as the bad doesn’t touch the bottom of the stainless steel container I used for heating. Then it melts


Bag in from start.
Heated to 66C then kept temperature around this value for 75 minutes moving the bag around
Heated to 77C before removing and squeezing grain bag.

Then proceeded like other recipes

Used hop bags for all hops.

Fermented in separate vessel to mash – attempt to reduce oxygen contact after fermentation is complete

SG before fermentation – 1.045 (note that I thought it was significantly less but it was affected by heat)
//*SG after fermentation ~
Boil – Thr 08th Nov 2012
Primary Fermentation End – Thr 15th Nov 2012
Secondary Fermentation End – Thr 29th Nov 2012
Added cascade hop pellets approx 6g per 8gl vessel- 18g at start of secondary fermentation

Attempting 32 IBU

32*10*15/(14.6×26.8) ~ 12g citra hops


One response to “Beer 31 – Full Mash

  1. Good taste to this beer. Slight variation in bottles due to 3x8gallon fermentation vessels. 2x bottles were too yeasty.

    Good aroma from the cascade hops added between first and second fermentation vessels.

    Seemed to be just nicely bitter

    Would make this beer again – would do a larger batch and not split fermenting beer between multiple containers.

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