Beer 32 – Christmas 2012

Beer 32
For 32 pints (4 gallons)

32 pints water of water
2Kg pale malt (crushed)
1Kg Crystal malt (crushed)
0.5Kg Pale spray malt

300g Golden Syrup – added in last 10 mins of boil

42g Cascade  (14.6% AA) (60 mins)
10g Cascade (14.6% AA) (30 mins)
10g Cascade (14.6% AA) (20 mins)
4g seaweed (20 mins)
10g Cascade (14.6% AA) (10 mins)

‘Boil in the bag mash’. Squeezed bag. Need to sort out a better way of doing this.


Bag in @70C
Heated to 66C then kept temperature around this value for 90 minutes moving the bag around

Then proceeded like other recipes

Used hop bags for all hops.

Fermented in separate vessel to mash – attempt to reduce oxygen contact after fermentation is complete

SG before fermentation – 1.045 (note that I thought it was significantly less but it was affected by heat)
//*SG after fermentation ~
Boil – Thr 15th Nov 2012
Primary Fermentation End – Wed 21st nov

Wed 21st nov – Didn’t take off yeast. Added massive 32g of old cascade hop tea.

Attempting 39 IBU with 5.2%


One response to “Beer 32 – Christmas 2012

  1. Not drunk a full pint of this yet – tasted today. Much better than a few weeks ago. A very dark colour, good taste. Is in King Keg

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