Beer 33 – Full Mash 2

Beer 32
For 32 pints (4 gallons mash & boil, makes 24 pints of beer)

32 pints water of water
3kg pale malt (crushed)
200g dark brown sugar

14g Citra (14.6% AA) (60 mins)
4g seaweed (50 mins)
10g Cascade (4.6% AA) (50 mins)
8g Citra (4.6% AA) (0 mins @ 80C)

Did a ‘boil in the bag mash’. Strike temp 77


Bag in at 75C.
Heated to 66C then kept temperature around this value for 75 minutes moving the bag around
Heated to 77C before removing and NOT squeezing grain bag. Let water drain from bag by gravity

Then proceeded like other recipes

Used hop bags for all hops.

Fermented in separate vessel to mash – attempt to reduce oxygen contact after fermentation is complete. By the time beer gets to fermentation stage have only 24 pints.

SG before fermentation –
//*SG after fermentation ~
Boil – Tues 4th Dec 2012
Primary Fermentation End –
Secondary Fermentation End –

Made a ‘hop tea’ with 12g Cascade hop leaf, addded after 7 days secondary fermentation.

Beer in King Keg, not bottled.

Attempting 37 IBU


One response to “Beer 33 – Full Mash 2

  1. Very good. Probably slightly over hopped but not much. Would reduce the IBU next time to about 37 for the same strength beer

    All drunk before Christmas!

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