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I’d forgotton that I’d ordered some Dahlias before Christmas. The postman dropped them on the mat this morning. Very exciting, even if I couldn’t remember exactly what I actually did order. When I opened the packet I discovered three dried tubers. These have the appearance of something you might not want to pick up from the park. I thought back to the conversation I had with the mail order company just after Christmas, the chap I spoke to seemed surprised that I wanted to order tubers rather than cuttings especially after I informed him that I’d never grown them before. Oh dear, I suppose I can understand what he was worried about. Its a bit like me giving away my tomato plants to relatives – my grandma always tells me that my mum is ‘not very good with houseplants’. By this she is very politely saying that my mother has killed every plant that she has ever given her to the extent that she buys me plants rather than my mum (ho, ho, ho). Well if the nursery man reads this I can assure him that I’ll do my best to make sure that his tubers florish.

My trawling around the internet didn’t give me as much information as I would haved liked. There was a lot of information about planting dahlia cuttings and chucking the tubers into the ground but not too much about planting the tubers for taking cuttings. Broadly speaking it was something like:

  • Do it in February, indoors
  • Put them in damp potting compost but leave a bit of the tuber above the surface
  • Take cuttings when there are 2 notches(joints) on the shoots
  • Don’t plant the cuttings (or tubers) outside until all signs of frost has gone

So I planted my 3 tubers in damp compost inside. Hopefully I’ve done the right thing. Heres the result:


Kind of reminds me of a ‘turd on the beach’. If I was a modern artist I’m sure I could make good money out of these photographs – especially once they start producing shoots. Wonder what the critics would make of the gingham on the table?


This is plot 1, where some of these dahlias will end up at the end of may

This is plot 2, where some more dahias will be planted.


I wanted to get a before and after picture. This is the before, I cleared some space, turned the soil and dug some compost in.